Minime uses her right hand to show something on this web page.



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Do you want to be more visible on internet? Let me help you! Follow the arrow!

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Plaatje van Minime aan haar laptop.

This is Minime, the smallest employee of FD-ID. She is a little pale today.
Move your mouse over her picture or click on it! On this website you will find this kind of playful examples. Because webdesign is fun!

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Is your website still up-to-date?

You have a lot to do in your own company and of course you have a company website, it's like your online business card. You may have designed and built your website yourself or you had it done by someone else.

But in fact you never ever look at it anymore.

In the meantime the world has changed. When you do have a look at your website for example via a mobile browser like your smartphone you may be in for a shock, because your website is not responsive and looks horrible on a small screen.

Are you wondering why you never get any customers via your website?

Let me have a look at it and advise you about how we can update your website to modern standards.

Website support

Ok, so your website is fine and looks good but you don't want to put too much effort in updating it yourself.

But you do realize that once in a while you have to publish some news, about new products, new services...

You don't have the time for it, it's not really your cup of tea, so maybe it's a good idea to have someone else doing all this for you.

Well, I can help you!

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Social media support

Of course I can do the same for your social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. After all I am just one e-mail or phone call away.

Let's talk about what I can do for your company.

I can offer you a very agile system, using credits. You can hire me for a minimum of 3 hours - one hour is valid for 12 updates on social media platforms (minimum time per post per platform is 5 minutes).

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More about me

If you like to know more about me, I think my LinkedIn profile will help you a lot. You can find it here:

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Let's get in touch

If you like to know more, please contact me by phone (31) (0)6 45 38 63 24 or by e-mail (details with link in the footer).